Technological Leadership Institute, LLC

We can help you deal with both problems; we offer one stop solution to all your project management needs.

Bridging the Technology/Business Gap. The Technological Leadership Institute, LLC, focuses on aligning business and technology goals in business and government. We bridge the gap between the business needs at the executive level and the technical activity at the operational level.

Advanced Concepts and Methods. We apply the most advanced, research-based, industry-proven concepts to create value and maximize competitive advantage from technology and projects. Although the fundamental concepts of project management have not changed, they are often insufficient to achieve the business needs of most organizations. Therefore, our programs go beyond the traditional practices and tools and focus on turning projects into powerful competitive weapons.

Our People. Our team includes a combination of highly qualified educators, researchers, and experienced business executives. Our products keep updating based on recent research and hands-on experience with our clients.

Building Technology Leaders. We develop technical managers into business-oriented leaders, who know how to leverage the impact of technology on business, and how to lead technical people for better business results.

Integrated Programs. While traditional approaches are typically focusing on operational efficiency, our programs go one step further and combine the strategic, operational, and human sides of leadership. Among the most advanced concepts we use:

The Diamond Approach – Dealing with the common dilemma of “one size does not fit all,” and helping select the right approach to the right project.

Strategic Project Leadership®
- An integrated approach to managing projects, which helps organizations achieve tremendous outcomes, by focusing their projects on business results and winning in the market place.

Our Solutions. Our services and products include assessment and planning tools, education and training programs, and consulting and coaching partnerships.